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Sharlot Hall Museum Research Center (SHMRC)

Image Price List, Reproductions & Rights

Prices are subject to change without notice

Stunning Arizona landscapes, striking Native American images, and the romance of pioneer life are captured in a plethora of resources at the Sharlot Hall Museum. Our amazing collection of photographs, artwork, pioneer documents, historical maps and distinctive audio recordings transports you to the authentic frontier days of the American West and bustling lives of Arizona pioneers. Explore Arizona’s history through our massive online image collection—thousands of photographs, with more added all the time.  

All digital files of images, documents, sound recordings, or moving images remain the property of Sharlot Hall Museum and may not be copied, modified, resold, or deposited with another institution. Sharlot Hall Museum reserves the right to refuse reproduction of any of its materials, and permission for use is granted at the sole discretion of the Sharlot Hall Museum Research Center.  

Note: All images are scanned at 600 dpi or higher and maps are scanned at 300 dpi or higher, depending on the original source, and items are provided to patrons in a JPEG format. Documents are scanned as PDFs at 300 dpi. Audio recordings are digitized in MP3 format.

Reproduction Orders

The SHMRC provides patrons with reproductions of all right-to-reproduce images, documents maps, and audio recordings. Orders are processed in a “first come first served” manner and will take three (3) to seven (7) business days to complete from the time payment is received. All clients must complete a reproduction order form. Reproduction costs are charged for all items ordered, and Permission-to-Use (PTU) fees will be charged to customers who use materials in a commercial venue (see below). Orders are delivered in a digital format to clients’ email via WeTransfer, a FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Clients have seven (7) days to download the image(s) before the link expires. The SHRMC does NOT provide hardcopy prints or analog reproductions of our materials. 

To obtain an order form and a detailed price list, or if you need assistance, please contact the SHMRC Reference Desk at (928) 277-2003, via email at or by mail: 

Sharlot Hall Museum
Attn: Research Center
415 W. Gurley Street
Prescott, AZ 86301

Commercial Use & Permission to Use Contract (PTU)

Patrons using SHMRC photographs, maps, documents and other items offered on the website for a commercial venue or private venture (e.g. publication, exhibit, display, internet, social media platform, lecture presentation, etc.) will be charged reproduction costs and PTU fees. All commercial users must complete a PTU contract. To obtain a contract and detailed fees list, please contact the SHMRC Reference Desk (see contact info above).

Research Services

All services must be paid in advance by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Due to limited staff and availability, thirty (30) minutes is allotted to each research request submitted via email, phone, or regular mail. After the initial thirty (30) minutes, patrons will be assessed a $25.00/hour fee for SHM staff to continue research. Any patron who comes in-person to conduct their own research will be assisted by SHMRC staff and volunteers free of charge.

Copying & Scanning Services

All copies are printed on blue paper. Patrons may do their own copying unless items to be copied are fragile or oversize, and then staff will do the copying. Book pages, documents and maps may be copied, but photographic prints CANNOT be copied, as the light and heat generated by the copier can damage to the photographic emulsions and print. Photographs are available for ordering (see below). All images/scans are sent to clients’ email via a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) called WeTransfer. The client has seven (7) days to download the scans before the link expires and the scans become unavailable.

Document Copies or Scans

Black & White or Color

  • In-person SHM member: $0.25 per hardcopy page
  • In-person non-SHM member: $1.00 per hardcopy page
  • Via email/phone/mail to fill reproduction orders: $2.00 per scanned PDF page

Photographic Services

$12.00 per scanned image

$24.00 per re-scanned image
  • Includes photographs, posters, documents, newspapers, etc.
  • First square foot: $20.00
  • Each additional square foot: $5.00*


*Total cost calculated by Research Center staff

Maps are scanned at various DPIs, depending on the map type and size, and are listed along with each map. Maps are sent to clients’ email via WeTransfer. The Sharlot Hall Museum Research Center does not reproduce copyrighted maps; patrons are advised to contact the map publisher for copies.

  • First map: $15.00
  • Each additional map (must be already be scanned and part of same order): $7.50 per image

Audio & Oral History Reproduction Services

These services include Lectures, Presentations, Radio Excerpts & Oral History Interviews.

Audio Recordings: $15.00 per interview or recording
Audio Transcripts:  $25.00 per transcript

Educational Use

Current students working on a thesis, dissertation, or school paper/project need only pay reproduction costs. Students must be actively enrolled and present a valid school photo ID card.

Shipping & Handling

Should any materials require shipment to a patron, a $7.50 shipping charge applies for each order. Orders will be shipped via U.S. Postal Service First Class. Additional fees may apply for large orders. International shipping prices vary, and patrons will be charged current international rates.

Rush Orders

Due to limited staff and work hours, SHMRC is unable to fulfill any rush orders. Orders are processed in a “first come first served” manner and will take three (3) to seven (7) days to complete from the time payment is received.


Reproduction costs cover only the cost of providing patrons with digital images. These fees do not include rights to publish/exhibit/display materials.
Permission-to-use (PTU) fees are based on publication print run(s) and whether material is used on a website or other source. Please note that permission to use (PTU) is exclusive and non-transferable. All fees must be paid in advance and a contract must be signed by a Sharlot Hall Museum Research Center staff member before permission to publish, reproduce, exhibit or display is granted.
The Sharlot Hall Museum retains copyright to all held materials; accordingly, failure to comply with the permission-to-use (PTU) contract is a violation of copyright, just as using an artist’s work without permission is a copyright violation.
The Sharlot Hall Museum is a non-profit organization and provides discounted fees for other non-profits who provide current copies of 501(c) 3 paperwork and licenses as proof of non-profit status. The Sharlot Hall Museum is committed to working with non-profit organizations to share its documentary heritage with all people.

Why does the Sharlot Hall Museum Research Center charge fees?

It is standard for archives to charge reproduction costs and permission to use (PTU) fees. The Sharlot Hall Museum Research Center prices resemble those of nearby institutions such as the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records, Northern Arizona University, and the Arizona Historical Society.
The Sharlot Hall Museum Research Center relies on these fees to help operate, to provide access to and the preservation of materials, and to pay for staff and technological infrastructure. In turn, these costs enable the Research Center to provide reproductions for all patrons.

Prices are subject to change without notice

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