Sharlot Hall Museum will be open on July 4th (10am-5pm) and July 6th (1pm-5pm). 


PIAM Artist

Priscilla Tacheney

Dinè Navajo


My appreciation for the arts started as a teenager, and led me to a degree in graphics design. I attended a beginning class in digital photography at a local community college and began traveling to many scenic areas in Arizona, looking to capture the beauty of Mother Earth and Father Sky. After several years of landscape photography, I felt a need to expand into portrait photography… to capture images that had more of a meaning to me and representative of who I am.

Utilizing my graphic design skills, I work at capturing an image, processing it, some times combining it with other images, adding color, contrast, and filtering effects to give my work a conceptional style and look. My photographs are inspired by my cultural traditions, beliefs and stories.

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